Authored Volumes

2012. Struggling Giants: Governance and Globalization in the London, New York, Paris and Tokyo City Regions (University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming) with Paul Kantor, Christian Lefevre, Asato Saito and Andy Thornley) 

2008. Cities in a Time of Terror: Space, Territory and Local Resilience (M.E Sharpe, 2008)

2002. Cities in the International Marketplace: The Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe (Princeton University Press) with Paul Kantor. Awarded Best Book in Urban Politics, 2002, American Political Science Association, Urban Politics Section

2010. Las Ciudades en el Mercado Internacional: La Economía Política del Desarrollo Urbano en Morte America y Europa Occidental (Bayer Hermanos SA, Barcelona, Spain, 2010) with Paul Kantor, revised and translated from Cities in the International Marketplace (cited above)

1988. Post Industrial Cities: Politics and Planning in New York, Paris and London (Princeton University Press, 1988)

1979. Urban Policy and the Exterior City: Federal, State and Corporate Impacts upon Major Cities (Pergamon Press, 1979)

Authored Monographs

2005. Urban Trauma and Possibilities for Recovery in Jerusalem (Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies, Jerusalem, Israel) with Yaacov Garb 

1974. Decentralization at the Grass Roots: Political Innovation in New York City and London (Sage Publications) with Madeleine Adler

Edited Volumes

2002. Globalization and Local Democracy: International Perspectives (Palgrave Publishers, Basingstoke, United Kingdom) with Robin Hambleton and Murray Stewart

2000. State and Local Government Review: A Symposium on the New Regionalism and Its Policy Agenda (Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia, Fall) with Ronald Vogel

2000. Urban Democracy (Lesske and Budrich, Hembsbach, Germany) with Oscar Gabriel and Vincent Hoffman Martinot

 1996. Regional Politics: America in a Post City Age (Sage Publications) with Ronald Vogel

1996. Big City Politics in Transition (Sage Publications) with John Clayton Thomas